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The company began in 1985 as Simply Natural Health Supplies. The company changed it’s name to Simply Natural Oils, thus accommodating it’s purchase of Natural Oil Workers. Simply Natural Oils manufactures and supplies a large range of products to the Professional Aromatherapy, Massage Oil industry and the Natural Foods Industry.

The company management represents 30 years experience in the Natural Health and Health Food Industries in Australia. Simply Natural Oils is family owned and operated at its manufacturing and retail outlet in Padstow, a southern suburb of the Olympic city of Sydney. Norman Short and his son’s: Benjamin and Timothy are second and third generation specialists in the natural therapies industry of Australia.

Simply Natural Oils carries a large range of aromatherapy products, as listed in the column at the left. Simply Natural Oils specialize in No Nut — Non Allergenic Products, especially in our Balms and Creams. Our products only use natural preservatives in our balms and creams. Simply Natural Oils market their products in both Retail Size and Bulk sized packaging.

Simply Natural Oils range of Essential and Massage Oils are made from fresh, natural ingredients. No synthetic chemicals are used, the company prides itself on making smaller batches more regularly. Thus the customer can be reassured that the products they are using are extremely fresh and natural. All Massage Oils are all purely vegetable, containing no colorings, no fillers, or animal products. As a manufacturer to the Aromatherapy Industry, Simply Natural Oils products are of very high quality, and are very competitive in packaging and pricing. Simply Natural’s experience in this unique industry means the company understands what the health care professionals require, and they also provide a great deal of advice in the use of the products they market.

Simply Natural Oils the Aromatherapy specialist supplier

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